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Engineered IT Solutions

Headquartered in the birthplace of modern automation

In a world driven by technology, IT is a top priority in the marketplace. Our strong background in the automotive sector allows us to take an engineering approach to IT. We meet with key employees and high-level managers in the organization to truly understand the technical needs of your business. Since 2008, we've been helping organizations take control of their internal IT operations, not the other way around. Our mission is to ensure you can focus on your business, and leave IT to us.


Our Core Areas of Service



From core closets to remote locations, we install and maintain the vital IT components that keep your business running 24/7/365

Server Upgrades

Server Upgrades

We can assist with upgrading your old server to a modern system or help you get up and running for the first time without impacting how your team works

Network Engineering

Network Engineering

Let the experts help get your team wireless or speed up the network to make a material difference in the way you do business

Workstation Upgrades

Workstation Upgrades

Not sure how to upgrade? Which model or brand you should choose? Let Kelps Enterprises help seamlessly transition your team to new computers


Infrastructure Assessments
Our team will help illustrate the current infrastructure and make recommendations for improvements
Security Assessments
Everyday we assist organizations in keeping data secured- from financials to patient information
IT Management
We keep a close watch over vital IT services and systems to keep your team running at optimal
Networking Services
Get your team working wirelessly or key employees working on the go with piece of mind

Built for your business, by design



From autonomous systems to website development, Kelps Enterprises has the experience and knowledge to make your ideas come to life

Design Group

Functional Websites

Let our creative and engineering teams work side by side to build your business a great first impression

Back-End Engineering

Move platforms or host with another service, without writing a line of code or having to lift a finger

Software Integration

Ready to upgrade your company to a new software? No problem- let us assist with a smooth transition


Make your company’s name be remembered with a creative look and feel that makes an impact

The marketplace is talking to us
Can your business listen?



In todays world of big data, the answers to your business challenges are lying right in front of us

Strategic Analytics

SEO Services

Get your website on the first page of Google Search with Kelps Enterprises at the SEO front

Website Maniuplation

Our team will make back-end modifications to your existing website for better search results

Business Strategy

Let our experts assist your team in building a business technology plan that’s within your budget

Intelligent Marketing

We use data that your customers generate to help guide your marketing efforts in a solid direction